Michael Hoff is professor of Art History in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he has been on the faculty since 1989. He received his A.B. in Art History and Archaeology from the University of Missouri, M.A. in Classics from Florida State University, and his Ph.D in Art History from Boston University. Hoff specializes in Greek and Roman archaeology in which he has focused his research on the history of Roman Athens as well as the archaeology of Asia Minor. He has excavated in North Wales, in Greece in the Athenian Agora, Corinth, Crete, and at the Sanctuary of Zeus at Nemea. In Turkey Hoff co-directed the architectural survey team of the Rough Cilicia Archaeological Survey Project from 1997 to 2004 and since 2005 serves as Project Director of the Antiochia ad Cragum Excavations.

Hoff has authored many articles in international journals and was co-editor of a book, The Romanization of Athens, published in 1998. He also is one of the leading lecturers with the Archaeological Institute of America and has delivered lectures on his research at over 30 colleges and universities throughout the country.

Contact Information:
Dept. of Art and Art History
120 Richards Hall
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68588-0114
Fax 402-472-9746
E-Mail: mhoff1@unl.edu
Michael Hoff
Michael Hoff