No temples in the region of Rough Cilicia have been studied in such detail before. The research to be conducted by the ACARP should be seen as pioneering in architectural studies and the archaeology of Rough Cilicia.

The ultimate goal of the temple project is to restore the temple as much as possible. At present, we do not know how much of the architecture can be reused until the blocks are fully removed, cleaned and repaired; and the podium is revealed and assessed. Once we determine the extent of restoration, our team will submit a detailed plan to the Preservation Board of Historical Buildings in the regional capital of Antalya, which will need to grant approval before final submission to the Ministry of Culture in Ankara.

Our goals for this temple project are shared by all local governmental authorities, including the Turkish Ministry of Culture, the regional governor, and the mayor of Gazipaşa. This project is truly one of a collaborative nature, involving archaeologists, engineers, local governmental authorities and historical preservation boards. It will be especially gratifying to see the villagers reap benefits, not just in terms of short-term labor, but also long-term economic gain and education about the region's rich past. We, as researchers, view the prospect of working on the temple as a unique opportunity and as a means of beginning archaeological exploration of Antiochia on a long-term basis.
Temple Geison